Tear the Rule book,

& rewrite your story

Rebel+ is a platform for entrepreneurs and change makers who want to break free from the traditional way of thinking and build a successful business on their own terms

Tear the Rule book,

& rewrite your story

Break free from the traditional way of thinking and build a successful business on their own terms
Rebel+ your new BFF for all things entrepreneurship, leadership, and tech.

And guess what? It’s F-R-E-E, baby!

Time to strut your stuff, unleash that inner genius, and make the world say, Whoa! Where did they come from?

Rebel+ Against

At Rebel+, we’re all about challenging the status quo and creating new paths to success. 

Join our community of change makers and let’s rebel against the norm together.

Do you have a fire in your belly and a desire to make a difference?
We believe that every individual has the power to be a rebel and make a real impact with their business idea. Our programs are designed to help you unleash your inner rebel and achieve your goals.

At Rebel+, we’re more than just a program, we’re a community.

Our Rebels support and empower each other on their journeys to success.

From mentorship to networking opportunities, our community is here to help you thrive.

This is the Rebel+ community.

Passion 76%
Unique 98%
Gettting stuff done 62%
Creative 81%
Rebel 100%

Come and be a part of it.

With Rebel+, you’ll have the tools, resources, and support you need to become a leader in your industry, without compromising your values or vision.

Join the Rebellion and become a part of a community that’s challenging the status quo and rewriting the rules of business, unleash your inner rebel.`

Changing the narrative

It’s time to rewrite the story of who can be a leader in business.

At Rebel+, we’re committed to changing the narrative and empowering individuals from all backgrounds to take on leadership roles.

Let’s break down the barriers together.

...Here's what they have to say

Some real lightbulb moments throughout the trainings. Rebel+ is so helpful and supportive.
The workshops are amazing. All instructors are fantastic, I’m very grateful for spaces like this. Feels welcome and like a family.
Rebel+ networking is incredibly helpful. It’s interesting meeting others and sharing tips and advice.

These small courses are excellent. Easy to attend and so full of information. Thank you


Thank you for your help, for your kindness and selflessness. I have learnt so much and the confidence boost you guys have given me is priceless.

How helpful are you finding this? Let us know any feedback here

Thanks for your feedback!
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